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Founded in 2010, Creature Comforts offers professional services to horse owners in Northern Kentucky, Southwestern Ohio, and Southeastern Indiana.

Bryan Lynch

Certified Saddle Fitter

Certified Massage Therapist

Bryan holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from the University of Houston. In 1993, he moved from Houston, Texas to Northern Kentucky, and in the same year found the opportunity to pursue his interest in horses. The interest became a lifestyle, and he has been studying and working with horses ever since. He has experience with a wide variety of breeds and disciplines.

Bryan received massage training and certification from Equissage, Inc., based in Round Hill VA. He has since continued to expand his knowledge by studying the techniques of other practitioners and instructors of animal massage, and acupressure. He began his practice in 2010.

In the course of his practice as a massage therapist, Bryan encountered numerous horses with back pain. The massage therapy would help, but the problems would reoccur. Bryan realized that poor saddle fit was the culprit, and set out to obtain the knowledge to offer solutions. In 2013, he completed an extensive 6 month training course that included classroom and hands-on instruction, case studies, volunteer work, internships and research, and became a certified saddle fitter.

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