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Are you in the market for a new English saddle? We offer some of the finest brands available!

Saddle Sales: Service
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Located in Walsall, England, Black Country specializes in custom built saddles. They have declined mass production demands, and combine innovative design with the tradition of skilled craftsmen working with quality British materials. They work closely with qualified saddle fitters so that their dealers are able to ensure the best possible combination of fit for both horse and rider, as well as after-sale service.



G. Passier and Sohn have been creating premium quality saddles, bridles and accessories since 1867. With a horse-friendly philosophy, and by partnering with world class riders, Passier offers a wide range of elegant products with uncompromising quality. All Passier products are handmade in Langenhagen Germany from top-quality materials with craftsman‘s skills, and an affectionate attention to detail.

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