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Massage therapy is not an indulgence, but a non-invasive, drug-free method of alleviating many problems that restrict a horse’s ability to perform. We provide sports massage- a deep tissue therapy.

What we offer:
•Full body massage
•Targeted massage
•Maintenance massage program

Equine Massage: News
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For most clients, we recommend a full body massage. This takes about 75-90 minutes. The full body massage covers all areas and is tailored to the horse being worked on. The therapist can locate and concentrate on the areas of greatest stress, so that your horse’s entire body will be in better condition.

Targeted massage concentrates on specific areas requested or referred by a veterinarian.

Maintenance massage program: We can work with each client to develop a maintenance plan designed to keep your horse feeling and performing well. A regular schedule for maintenance massage is typically at 6 to 8 week intervals.

How massage can help

Maintenance and muscle tone:
Regular massage therapy will improve your horse’s muscle tone, and lead to a stronger, more flexible back and improved top line. Your horse will bend, flex, and collect better, show increased range of motion and smoother gaits, and be less prone to injury.

Recovery from injury:
An injured horse will try to avoid the pain of putting weight on the affected limb. The horse compensates by using other muscle groups, eventually over-taxing them and causing more strain.

Massage therapy can reduce pain, restore balance to the horse’s body and speed recovery from an injury.

Unexplained lameness, chronically off, aggressive behavior:
If your horse shows frequent unexplained lameness- your vet cannot find a reason- then muscle strain is a possible cause.

The same is true for horses that seem “off”- they have shortened strides, hollow their back, are prone to forging, or stumbling- things that just don’t feel right to the rider.

Aggressive behavior- pinning ears, showing teeth, or snaking the neck, can also be a sign of pain in a horse. An article in Equus (“Back pain and aggression linked” Jan. 2011) indicates that 75% of horses that show aggressive behavior have significant back pain.

Massage therapy relieves the stress points caused by muscular tension, allowing your horse to use his muscles properly and without pain. It can also help your horse be a better equine citizen!

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